You'll have everything you need to get started (excluding a mask) right out of the box with the Z1 Base System. 

The Z1 Base system includes:

  • Z1 device  
  • Tube Adaptor  
  • 4 ft. Slim-Style tube  
  • Power Supply Cord
  • Custom USB Cable  
  • 1 HME (Heat/Moisture Exchanger)
  • 2 Polyester Filters
  • User Manual  
  • Get Started Guide 

If you wish to have Unplugged battery power, be sure to add on a Z1™ Powershell Module

It's always wise to stock up on extra filters and HMEs

  • We recommend purchasing a 2 pack of filters each month and changing out your filter every 2 weeks. (Also available in 6 pack)

  • The Heat Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) can last up to 7 consecutive nights, but may last longer.  Please see HME Questions for additional information.