The Z1™ and Z2™ is designed to be the most portable machine available.  Because of that there is no dedicated humidifier option offered for the Z1™ or Z2™.  As a great alternative to standard humidifiers HDM offers a disposable heat/moisture exchanger (HME) that has been certified for 3 to 7 days of use before needing replacement.  

For efficiency, the HME placement should be at the mask near your face.  If you require additional humidity, saline gel and/or dry mouth slow dissolving tablets (check at your local pharmacy) may help to provide the extra comfort you require.


To install a Heat Moisture Exchanger for therapeutic use, connect the large diameter end of the HME to your mask and the smaller diameter end to your CPAP Tube. Be sure both connections are fully seated and secure. Your HME is now ready for use.

NOTE: The Z1™ and Z2™ have standard hose sizes and will work with any standard platform type heated humidifier such as the Fisher & Paykel HC150.