The Qtube is designed specifically for use with Breas’  Heat Moisture Exchange Unit (HME) (and other similar non-water based heat moisture exchange devices).

If the Qtube is kept dry and clean the internal components should not require replacement for several months.  Inspect the foam and sleeve and replace if there are tears or signs of wear.

The disassembled Qtube and foam insert can be washed with mild detergent and water and let air dry thoroughly. Particular care should be taken to ensure that unit is completely dry after replacement of inner foam sound baffling material.

To view the Qtube instruction guide, please visit and hover on the Support Tab.  Click on Software and User Guides, scroll to Z2 CPAP or Z2 Auto.  Scroll to the Qtube Insert, click on Download.

Warning:  Breas recommends removing the inner foam sound baffling material from the unit to allow it and the interior of the unit to dry thoroughly after each use.