All standard CPAP masks and tubing are compatible with the Z1 and the Z2. The proprietary Resmed hose connection found in the Airmini Setup Pack will not connect to the Z1 or Z2. 

Our slim style tubing comes in two different lengths 4 feet and 6 feet. They are 15 millimeters wide.  You can use standard tubing with the Z1 and Z2, which is 19-22 millimeters.   The diameter of the HME is 15 mm on one end and 19 mm on the other end. 

NOTE: The Auto Start / Stop feature will stop the therapy if a large air leak is detected between the Z2 outlet and the mask. This may also happen at times when the mask is not being worn properly. This common condition should be resolved once all connections are secure, the mask is properly worn, and the Start/ Stop Button has been pushed or you start breathing into the mask.

NOTE: The Auto Start / Stop feature may not work with the use of a full face mask due to its design. In this case you will need to disengage the feature (see Settings) and press the Start/Stop Button to start and stop the therapy. .