Yes. The Z1™ and Z2™ use an advanced algorithm called Z-Breathe™ to smooth out the breathing cycle while enjoying the benefits of CPAP therapy.  Z-Breathe™ has 3 settings: ranging from moderate relief to maximum relief for the exhalation phase of your breathing cycle.  Z-Breathe™ is designed to minimize the impact of spikes and drops while keeping the pressure constant, thereby delivering more comfortable therapy.

There are three Z-Breathe™ Algorithm settings:

  1. CPAP or APAP–1 Enables the Z-Breathe™ Algorithm at a gentle response rate which adjusts the airflow gradually during the inhalation-exhalation cycle. In this setting, the algorithm will initially adjust rapidly to breathing, but the adjustments will become gentle and gradual after a few inhalation-exhalation cycles.
  2. CPAP or APAP–2 Enables the Z-Breathe™ Algorithm at a medium response rate which adjusts the airflow moderately during the inhalation-exhalation cycle. 
  3. CPAP or APAP–3 Enables the Z-Breathe™ Algorithm at the most aggressive response rate which adjusts the airflow rapidly during the inhalation-exhalation cycle.

To change the Z-Breathe™ Algorithm setting:

For the Z1™ CPAP Base (the white and gray unit)  and Z2™ Base CPAP, you will see CPAP-1, CPAP-2 or CPAP-3.

  1. The unit must be in Standby Mode (pressure of “0.0” indicated on the display).
  2. Hold down both the up and down arrow buttons at the same time until you see “CPAP-1” or “CPAP-2” or "CPAP-3" flashing on the display.
  3. Press the up or down arrow buttons until you observe your desired setting on the display.
  4. To lock- in the setting, hold down the Start/Stop button until the display reads "Accept".
  5. For the Z1™APAP (the black and gray unit) and Z2™ APAP you will be looking for APAP-1, APAP-2 or APAP-3 flashing on the display.  When you see that, follow the steps #3 and steps #4 above to set the Z-Breathe™ setting.